This website has witnessed many official users and admins, up to now, this website and owner have connections with official Wassouf – Sultan Al Tarab office, Wassouf office is fully aware of the content on this website and there are per-approvals to have this website online and on Play Store and Apple Store when the WassoufDiary App is available.

Most content on this website is gathered from Wassouf office, Google, and Fans from the last 20 years till today, plus, all the credit goes to people who have submitted and shared this content from their collections and archives, this location acts like a google search but for Wassouf stuff only. If any one wants anything deleted from here, we are more than happy to co-operate.

Content on this website is free, gathered from concerts and live shows submitted by Wassouf office and fans after permission from Wassouf office, the albums and singles here are at low quality. Please help support Wassouf by buying the actually media by any means from the official sources and not copies or unknown distributions.

The money that is generated from Google Ads if any, on the website and/or applications (the only mean of getting money) goes directly to the monthly billing of hosting this website and services. If any user or visitor would like to donate money for the site, it will also go directly to the monthly billing of the hosting services. The owner of the website has no means of making any profit from the website or any content on it.

All custom logos, custom designs, and WassoufDiary name, cannot be used with out the admins awareness/permission.

Thanks, samo 🙂